Monday, December 24, 2012

Secret Angel

Snow Angel - click here for larger image
If you hurry, you can get this beautiful Secret Angel dress right now at Sn@tch for the holiday VIP group gift.  There is a cost to join the group but it's so worth it as everyone knows Ivey lavishes her fans with gifts and discounts, in addition to tempting us with weekly new releases.  Go on... snatch it up!

Secret Angel - click here for larger image

Also for the snatching... the Winter Berries necklace and bracelet from Chop Zuey, along with at least a dozen other beautiful holiday jewelry gifts for both men and women. Wow... the generosity that designers share with us during the holidays never ceases to amaze me.

Sneaky Angel - click here for larger image

The wings.  Ah, the wings.  Well they are an old time throw back from the earlier days of Second Life.. and well, they kind of work don't you think?  Prim wings, created by Obunnywan Manimal.

Wherever you are this holiday season, I hope you're staying bright, keeping warm, and having fun!

Boudi loves you

Dress and Halo: Secret Angel by Sn@tch (Gift)
Jewelry: Winter Berries Necklace and Bracelet (Gifts) by Chop Zuey
Shoes: Glitter Peeptoes by Slink
Hair: Beyond the Waves by Exile
Prim Wings: Obunnywan Manimal
Skin: Shyla by Belleza
Eyes: Eternal by IKON
Lashes: Lelutka

Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Dream

Come inside... ( click here for larger image )
This lovely Holly Dress by Bilo is a limited edition design for the holiday, found only during the month of December.  So hurry to get it!  It comes in several colors and styles.  As soon as I tried slipped into it, I knew just the perfect shoes and hurried over to SLink for the glittery peeptoe heels I had seen earlier.

Winter Dream ( click here for larger image
My search for the perfect necklace took far too long and had me all over the grid, but eventually found and fell in love with the Lotus necklace by Mandala.  I love how a few of the petals have fallen from the central design.

Warm kisses,

Holly Dress - silver, by Bilo
Shoes: Glitter Peeptoe - silver, by SLink
Necklace: Lotus by Mandala
Hair: Intended by Magika
Skin: Shylah by Belleza
Lashes: Lelutka
Poses: Del May
Location: Wolf Mountain Ski Resort

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blush of Winter

Because it's cold out here in California, I'm bringing you warm kisses and the embrace of luxuriously soft knit sweaters to warm your winter day.  The Alice Mesh Dress by Chandelle fits like a dream, and I love the white/red gradient shade, which actually looks more of a blush pink to me.  You can find at the Winter Wishes Market through January 7th, for only 99L.

Blush of Winter (click here for larger image)

I've snuggled deeper into the warm sweatery mood by topping it off with the red Winter Scarf by Auxiliary, from the current TDR (The Dressing Room) Fusion selection.  If you haven't been to the new location, please update your landmarks and get rid of the old TDR and TDR-Blue

While there are an amazing variety of lovely new skins out right now, I just keep coming back to my favorite skin, the Melissa Sunkissed by Belleza, that I've been wearing since my birthday in June.  To it, I've added the Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow in pink from MONS, found now at TDR Fusion.

My hair is Volume by Magika.  If you haven't been to Magika in awhile, they have a wonderful selection of mesh hairs now, as well as the stand-by sculpted selection.  And you get a huge pack of color options for only 250L.  Magika, I love you in my life.  I also recently blogged the After style by Magika, here, and just love the quality and realism of the newer Magika styles.

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits:

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - pink : TDR Fusion
- CHANDELLE - Mesh dress Alice white/red [S] - Winter Wishes Market
Magika [Hair S] Volume
[AUX] Winter Scarf_Red - L : TDR Fusion
-Belleza- Melissa SK 16
.ID. Glimmer Contacts / TheArcade / Aqua : Insufferable Dastard

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gacha Style - I Don't Do Cute

Gacha Where I Want Ya (click here for larger image)
I don't do cutesy.  Or, at least, not easily.  Some friends of mine were talking about it on Plurk the other day.  And while some people are able to pull off the cutesy look, I am not one of those people.  Apparently I don't have the patience to wipe out my grid-lines either, or download the new SL Beta Viewer.  Ah well, one thing at a time.

So, in an attempt to break out of my serious mode (and also get back into blogging since I've been MIA for awhile...)  I took a trip to The Arcade Gacha Event, which is chock full of all kinds of cute stuff.

Renee Sinless - Glam Affair (click here for larger image)

Perhaps the Gacha gods had heard that I don't do cutesy either, but they seemed to agree with me, bestowing me with pale beautiful somber Renee - Sinless skin from Glam Affair, Juliet lilac hair and hat from Bonne Chance, a complete and very lovely outfit from Mon Cheri including the shirt, cardigan, shorts, leggings, and boots in teal, Insufferable Dastard contacts in Aqua, afk Headphone by Iruco, Secret Store's Tiny Satchel in Coral Delight, !bang mini Sassy poses, and the Love Teddy Bear necklace in Pink by MG (which really is rather cute and a nice contrast to my look).
I Don't Do Cute (Click here for larger image)
Oh so here's a pet peeve:  Designers that don't put a landmark to their store in with their items, or a notecard telling about their store or brand.  I have no idea who "MG" is thought I suspect it's Maxi Gossamer.  I could go back to the Arcade event and look closer at the signage to see, but once I got home and un-boxed everything and tried it on and fumbled around with poses and windlight settings to take a few pictures, I was in no mood to go back sleuthing to figure it out or to get SLURLS to add into my post for other people to be able to go shopping to find items from these creators later.

A simple request... if you have pride in the things you create and want people to be able to find you and buy more things... drop a notecard or landmark in with your creations. /end rant  and really sorry that sounded a bit ungrateful.  I love that creators offer quality items at really great prices at things like the Gacha Event at The Arcade.  I really do!  Just trying to do my part to help and maybe dropping a lil hint here and there might in some way help.

If you want to experience some really amazing bloggers doing what they do best, visit:

Elysium Hynes at her blog SIUM
Misty Harley at Thornes on Roses
Shiloh Selene at Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog

And if you want to find some really great items, everything pictured above (except my shape and piercings) was found at the Arcade Gacha Event here.

Boudi Loves You!

Style Credits:
Glam Affair - Renee - Sinless Skin
: ) BCC . Juliet Hair Gacha lilac [hat hair] Bonne Chance
*MC* Teal - Gacha Prize (Outfit: Shirt, Cardigan, Shorts, Leggings, and Boots - Mon Cheri)
.ID. Glimmer Contacts / Aqua (Insufferable Dastard)
The Secret Store - Tiny Satchel - Coral Delight
[Iruco] gacha / Headphone (afk-bk)
MG - Necklace - Love Teddy Bear - PINK
!bang - mini - sassy poses

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Solitude my Guide

Heart on a Wire - (Click Here for Larger Image)
I've been a bad blogger - posting this series of pics on my Flickr page with a note that the blog and credits were coming soon, and here I am, two days later trying to think of something to write that can do these pictures justice.  

I Can't Stay Here - (Click Here for Larger Image)
And I'm struggling more than a bit with that.  Because, while working on these photos, they became something greater than a simple fashion review.  There was a story tucked away in the folds of fabric, in the sturdy weight of the pack on my back and the no nonsense boots on my feet that spoke volumes, that hinted at a self-reliant spirit tinged with pain, at a soul longing for solace in nature, and at a journey to come, just a few virtual steps away.

Solitude my Guide - (Click Here for Larger Image)
Something about the combination of beautiful realistic mesh clothing, and the incredible Akasha sim I was exploring, (thanks to the Yse Sliffeuse et gloodeuse blogbrought out an inspiration in me to create the story these photos tell.  
Where Doves Cry - (Click Here for Larger Image)
For my friends on plurk that were waiting to hear the juicy story behind the images... I'm sorry there isn't one, though I tried my hand at making one up, and writing a poem to go along with the pictures.  But the feeling just wasn't there, and it was too contrived.  

Runaway - (Click Here for Larger Image)
Sorry to say, these beautiful pictures were just an expression of my creativity in the moment, and perhaps picking up something more of the essence of the people that created the beautiful Akasha sim.  It's hard to say... but I urge you to go visit it and see if you feel the same.

So Cold Out Here - (Click Here for Larger Image)

Love the Journey,
Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
Jacket - *chronokit* Shirts 02 Ladies M Check Red (Mesh)
Jeans - Emery Mesh Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans Kooks Trinity (Mesh)
Shirt - *G Field* Lace Tops "Lucy" 
Bag - (TokiD) attic boho bag (fall red) - for TDR
Scarf - R.icielli - LongScarf Skull 
Boots - Maitreya Stagioni Boots - Cordovan (Mesh)
Hair - Magika - After (Mesh)
Piercing - Tameless Piercing 8
Skin -Belleza- Melissa 
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye
Standing Poses - Del May
Location - Akasha    

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Voodoo Alley

Funkadelic (Click Here for Larger Image)
I have a real treat to share today, from the talented and very creative designers that shared these review items with me today.  All of the clothing I'm wearing in this photoshoot is from Chandelle, for the Fashion Voodoo Event, which lasts until August 30th.

Funkstar (Click Here for Larger Image)
Mixing it up with the layers, we have a gorgeous bodysuit and panty set, open flowery jacket, Bree workout pants and Alex denim pants, and the Shoe Barbie all from Chandelle.

I also found a pair of Black Denim Mules by OOTT (Out Of The Trunk) at the Cart Sale at The Wash for only 10L while I was out looking for a place to do my photo shoot.

SlurpDawg (Click Here for Larger Image)
The entire avatar (except hair) is called Elisa and is a creation of *Stars*Fashion* who has a promo right now on the Marketplace for only 99L for this shape, skin, eyes, eyelashes and brows.  And the body is Modify!  This pleases me to no end, because as you know in a mesh dominated fashion world, it's so essential to have shapes that are modify.

Now one small thing I didn't do, which I wanted to, but decided to keep the avatar shape exactly as it comes purchased is... I would have lengthened the arms.  They are just a bit too short for a model of this height and made a few of the pictures look just a little bit unreal.  But it's an easy fix of course, so no worries!  I recommend buying her if only to have a new look in your closet to change into when you just need a new perspective on things.

Voodoo Dolly (Click Here for Larger Image)
And the hair!  Nita Bracken of Tameless has created this lush and lovely Isabelle hair. Very reasonably priced, the color packs include one scripted hairstyle that can change into 4 colors for 179L, or you can buy her MegaPack of all colors for only 719L - and - they come in Petite sizes as well, so be careful when you place your order to buy for either full size avatars or petites.

Thank you to all the very generous designers for creating such beautiful things for us!

Boudi Loves You

Dark Alley (Click Here for Larger Image)

Style Credits:
All Clothing by Chandelle for Fashion Voodoo
Jacket Ty. flower lime/red - Chandelle
Bodysuit Body Deb black - Chandelle
Pants Bree black/red - Chandelle
Pants Alex - Chandelle
Panties / Tops Set red/white - Chandelle
Shoe Barbie Nude - Chandelle
Black Denim Mule - OOTT - Cart Sale at The Wash
Hair Isabelle - Tameless on Marketplace
Elisa Avatar - 99L Marketplace Promo! Elisa Shape, Skin, Eyes, Lashes, Brows by *Stars*Fashion*
Location: The Wash

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fate Led Me To You

FATEwear by Damien Fate

The buzz on the grid is about a great new men's clothing store opening soon called FATEwear by Damien Fate. The same mastermind behind ColdLogic.  Right now, there is a free promo gift for the guys out in the group subscribo on FATEIsland, and ladies if you've got a guy wanting to get in on the mesh scene, you'll do well to point him towards FATEIsland, or take him there yourself.  Trust me, he'll thank you!  My own personal thanks for the head's up from Alex1985 Diabolito of That Guy's Blog, where you'll also find some other great collections for your favorite guy.

Read more about FATEWear on Damien Fate's blog!

Fate led me to you...
Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
Shirt and Shorts - Carter by FATEwear (NEW Promo Mesh Item!)
Lowtops shoes by Super Kingdom
Keats Hair - Dry Earth by Uncleweb Studio
Knox Blond skin by FRUK
Pose - Vista Animations

Thursday, August 16, 2012


In my last post, I mentioned that you can change the whole look of an outfit just by the accessories you choose to wear with it.  Here, we're adding some beautiful finds from the Vintage Fair, and giving this modern mesh couture dress by Chandelle a completely new Vintage flavor and appeal.

(Click here for larger image)
Stepping out in style with the 30s Striped Cloche hat with hair by Bubbles Roxan of the Millinery Shoppe, and Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies, I've added the contrasting touch of delicate almost Victorianesque Lace Necklace from Jack Spoon, Nouveau Leaves brooch and earrings by Eclectica, andCherry Ostritch leather bag by Zenith.

(Click here for larger image)
Whether you're stepping back in time, or stepping forward, a stop by the Vintage Fair is a must to find some of these beautiful accessories that can spice up your wardrobe year round.

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits
Dress Deisy giraffe by Chandelle at Acid Lily 70L til 8/18
Louise Avatar shape, skin, brow, eyes, lashes by *Stars*Fashion* 99L Special Promo on Marketplace
30s Striped Cloche Hat by Bubbles Roxan of Millinery Shoppe @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC
Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Lace Necklace by Jack Spoon @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Nouveau Leaves earrings and brooch by Eclectica @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Cherry Ostritch Leather Bag by =Zenith= @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Poses by Sleeping Koala @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC

Monday, August 13, 2012

Be Free!

In a virtual world, you're always free to change and have the virtual freedom to explore the the art of self-expression.  Today I'd like to share with you a complete avatar offered by *Stars*Fashion* for only 99L on the Marketplace for just a week.  What an amazing deal! If you've been wanting to try out a new look, you can find the lovely Louise complete avatar, including shape, skin, brow, eyes, lashes, and makeups all for only 99L if you hurry.

(Click Here for Larger Image)

I'm also wearing the beautiful new giraffe mesh dress by Chandelle and love the soft texture and fun print.  Stay tuned for the next blog where I'll share this same avatar and dress but give it a completely new vintage flavor by using accessories found at Vintage Fair.  It's amazing what a simple change here and there can do for a whole look.

(Click Here for Larger Image)
In the second pic I got the bright idea to try on my Jolie sculpted prim hands by SLink and really love how smooth and lovely and graceful they are.  You can color change the nail color, and choose silver/gold or no ring.  These beautiful Paper Butterflies by Baffle! can be found at the Vintage Fair, and wow I just love the feeling I have when I hold the bottle, setting them free.  My heart flies away with them!

(Click Here for Larger Image)

Fly! Be free!

Complete Avatar - Louise by *Stars*Fashion* 99L Promo on Marketplace - includes Shape, Skin, Brow, Eyes, Lashes, and makeups

Jolie Mesh Hair by Lelutka
Giraffe mesh dress by Chandelle
Jolie sculpted prim hands by SLink
Nouveau Leaves bracelet and earrings by Eclectica @ Vintage Fair 2012
Paper Butterflies with pose by Baffle! @ Vintage Fair 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Of Lace and Flowers

Lace Breeze - (click here for larger image)
While exploring the blogger's preview of the Vintage Fair 2012, I happened upon a scene so lovely and lit with light and lace, I was immediately drawn to take a closer look.  Through the breezy lace doorway, there stood a remarkable woman, wearing a gown of lace eyelet in such delicate colors, I was mesmerized on the spot, as the folds of fabric swayed and flounced upon even the lightest breeze.  Her name was Garance Ashland, and she is a new and very talented designer of a store called Lace.

Lace store by Garance Ashland - at Vintage Faire 2012
Being the shy sort I am, it was all I could do to not plaster my face to the window and peek inside, and so I lingered outside while she set up her shop, hoping not to disturb her, but longing to see what beautiful creations she was carefully setting on display.  I left the fair that day with a lighter heart, and a carefully packaged box with that lovely gown, "Breeze" by Garance Ashland of Lace.

Poetic Breeze - (click here for larger image)
Highlighting such a lovely gown took some attention to hair, skin and accessories, and here, I decided to combine the look with the beautiful and delicate Glorya skin in Pale, by Funka, and the delightful filigree Foliage earrings and necklace by WTG, also found at the Vintage Faire 2012.

Morning Glorya - (click here for larger image)
For the crowing glory, my beautiful tresses and hair flower are Unfold, the newest mesh creations by [elikatira], which I am beyond in love with.  The flower can be worn separately or with other hairstyles and has a color-change hud.  My eyes are Sunrise in Pale Rose by IKON, and while not my normal blue or green, they seemed the perfect touch for this romantic look.

Foliage - (click here for larger image)

Be sure to visit Lace on the Classic sim at Vintage Fair 2012 and show some linden love to a dreamy new and up and coming designer, Garance Ashland.  Find these, and other beautiful designs at Vintage Fair 2012 and be sure to take a Map.  

Happy Shopping!

Style Credits:
Breeze dress by Garance Ashland of Lace - on the Classic Sim @ Vintage Fair
Foliage necklace and earrings by WTG @ Vintage Fair
Glorya skin in Pale by Funka @ Vintage Fair
Unfold (Mesh) hair and flower by [elikatira]
Sunrise Eyes - Pale Rose by IKON
Lashes by .ploom.
Poses by Del May