Thursday, August 16, 2012


In my last post, I mentioned that you can change the whole look of an outfit just by the accessories you choose to wear with it.  Here, we're adding some beautiful finds from the Vintage Fair, and giving this modern mesh couture dress by Chandelle a completely new Vintage flavor and appeal.

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Stepping out in style with the 30s Striped Cloche hat with hair by Bubbles Roxan of the Millinery Shoppe, and Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies, I've added the contrasting touch of delicate almost Victorianesque Lace Necklace from Jack Spoon, Nouveau Leaves brooch and earrings by Eclectica, andCherry Ostritch leather bag by Zenith.

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Whether you're stepping back in time, or stepping forward, a stop by the Vintage Fair is a must to find some of these beautiful accessories that can spice up your wardrobe year round.

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Style Credits
Dress Deisy giraffe by Chandelle at Acid Lily 70L til 8/18
Louise Avatar shape, skin, brow, eyes, lashes by *Stars*Fashion* 99L Special Promo on Marketplace
30s Striped Cloche Hat by Bubbles Roxan of Millinery Shoppe @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC
Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Lace Necklace by Jack Spoon @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Nouveau Leaves earrings and brooch by Eclectica @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Cherry Ostritch Leather Bag by =Zenith= @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Poses by Sleeping Koala @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC