Thursday, September 13, 2012

Solitude my Guide

Heart on a Wire - (Click Here for Larger Image)
I've been a bad blogger - posting this series of pics on my Flickr page with a note that the blog and credits were coming soon, and here I am, two days later trying to think of something to write that can do these pictures justice.  

I Can't Stay Here - (Click Here for Larger Image)
And I'm struggling more than a bit with that.  Because, while working on these photos, they became something greater than a simple fashion review.  There was a story tucked away in the folds of fabric, in the sturdy weight of the pack on my back and the no nonsense boots on my feet that spoke volumes, that hinted at a self-reliant spirit tinged with pain, at a soul longing for solace in nature, and at a journey to come, just a few virtual steps away.

Solitude my Guide - (Click Here for Larger Image)
Something about the combination of beautiful realistic mesh clothing, and the incredible Akasha sim I was exploring, (thanks to the Yse Sliffeuse et gloodeuse blogbrought out an inspiration in me to create the story these photos tell.  
Where Doves Cry - (Click Here for Larger Image)
For my friends on plurk that were waiting to hear the juicy story behind the images... I'm sorry there isn't one, though I tried my hand at making one up, and writing a poem to go along with the pictures.  But the feeling just wasn't there, and it was too contrived.  

Runaway - (Click Here for Larger Image)
Sorry to say, these beautiful pictures were just an expression of my creativity in the moment, and perhaps picking up something more of the essence of the people that created the beautiful Akasha sim.  It's hard to say... but I urge you to go visit it and see if you feel the same.

So Cold Out Here - (Click Here for Larger Image)

Love the Journey,
Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
Jacket - *chronokit* Shirts 02 Ladies M Check Red (Mesh)
Jeans - Emery Mesh Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans Kooks Trinity (Mesh)
Shirt - *G Field* Lace Tops "Lucy" 
Bag - (TokiD) attic boho bag (fall red) - for TDR
Scarf - R.icielli - LongScarf Skull 
Boots - Maitreya Stagioni Boots - Cordovan (Mesh)
Hair - Magika - After (Mesh)
Piercing - Tameless Piercing 8
Skin -Belleza- Melissa 
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye
Standing Poses - Del May
Location - Akasha    

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