Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Voodoo Alley

Funkadelic (Click Here for Larger Image)
I have a real treat to share today, from the talented and very creative designers that shared these review items with me today.  All of the clothing I'm wearing in this photoshoot is from Chandelle, for the Fashion Voodoo Event, which lasts until August 30th.

Funkstar (Click Here for Larger Image)
Mixing it up with the layers, we have a gorgeous bodysuit and panty set, open flowery jacket, Bree workout pants and Alex denim pants, and the Shoe Barbie all from Chandelle.

I also found a pair of Black Denim Mules by OOTT (Out Of The Trunk) at the Cart Sale at The Wash for only 10L while I was out looking for a place to do my photo shoot.

SlurpDawg (Click Here for Larger Image)
The entire avatar (except hair) is called Elisa and is a creation of *Stars*Fashion* who has a promo right now on the Marketplace for only 99L for this shape, skin, eyes, eyelashes and brows.  And the body is Modify!  This pleases me to no end, because as you know in a mesh dominated fashion world, it's so essential to have shapes that are modify.

Now one small thing I didn't do, which I wanted to, but decided to keep the avatar shape exactly as it comes purchased is... I would have lengthened the arms.  They are just a bit too short for a model of this height and made a few of the pictures look just a little bit unreal.  But it's an easy fix of course, so no worries!  I recommend buying her if only to have a new look in your closet to change into when you just need a new perspective on things.

Voodoo Dolly (Click Here for Larger Image)
And the hair!  Nita Bracken of Tameless has created this lush and lovely Isabelle hair. Very reasonably priced, the color packs include one scripted hairstyle that can change into 4 colors for 179L, or you can buy her MegaPack of all colors for only 719L - and - they come in Petite sizes as well, so be careful when you place your order to buy for either full size avatars or petites.

Thank you to all the very generous designers for creating such beautiful things for us!

Boudi Loves You

Dark Alley (Click Here for Larger Image)

Style Credits:
All Clothing by Chandelle for Fashion Voodoo
Jacket Ty. flower lime/red - Chandelle
Bodysuit Body Deb black - Chandelle
Pants Bree black/red - Chandelle
Pants Alex - Chandelle
Panties / Tops Set red/white - Chandelle
Shoe Barbie Nude - Chandelle
Black Denim Mule - OOTT - Cart Sale at The Wash
Hair Isabelle - Tameless on Marketplace
Elisa Avatar - 99L Marketplace Promo! Elisa Shape, Skin, Eyes, Lashes, Brows by *Stars*Fashion*
Location: The Wash

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