Monday, August 6, 2012

Of Lace and Flowers

Lace Breeze - (click here for larger image)
While exploring the blogger's preview of the Vintage Fair 2012, I happened upon a scene so lovely and lit with light and lace, I was immediately drawn to take a closer look.  Through the breezy lace doorway, there stood a remarkable woman, wearing a gown of lace eyelet in such delicate colors, I was mesmerized on the spot, as the folds of fabric swayed and flounced upon even the lightest breeze.  Her name was Garance Ashland, and she is a new and very talented designer of a store called Lace.

Lace store by Garance Ashland - at Vintage Faire 2012
Being the shy sort I am, it was all I could do to not plaster my face to the window and peek inside, and so I lingered outside while she set up her shop, hoping not to disturb her, but longing to see what beautiful creations she was carefully setting on display.  I left the fair that day with a lighter heart, and a carefully packaged box with that lovely gown, "Breeze" by Garance Ashland of Lace.

Poetic Breeze - (click here for larger image)
Highlighting such a lovely gown took some attention to hair, skin and accessories, and here, I decided to combine the look with the beautiful and delicate Glorya skin in Pale, by Funka, and the delightful filigree Foliage earrings and necklace by WTG, also found at the Vintage Faire 2012.

Morning Glorya - (click here for larger image)
For the crowing glory, my beautiful tresses and hair flower are Unfold, the newest mesh creations by [elikatira], which I am beyond in love with.  The flower can be worn separately or with other hairstyles and has a color-change hud.  My eyes are Sunrise in Pale Rose by IKON, and while not my normal blue or green, they seemed the perfect touch for this romantic look.

Foliage - (click here for larger image)

Be sure to visit Lace on the Classic sim at Vintage Fair 2012 and show some linden love to a dreamy new and up and coming designer, Garance Ashland.  Find these, and other beautiful designs at Vintage Fair 2012 and be sure to take a Map.  

Happy Shopping!

Style Credits:
Breeze dress by Garance Ashland of Lace - on the Classic Sim @ Vintage Fair
Foliage necklace and earrings by WTG @ Vintage Fair
Glorya skin in Pale by Funka @ Vintage Fair
Unfold (Mesh) hair and flower by [elikatira]
Sunrise Eyes - Pale Rose by IKON
Lashes by .ploom.
Poses by Del May


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