Sunday, August 5, 2012

Better Days Will Come

Better Days Will Come - (Click Here for larger image)
Better days will come, they told me.  Standing in the rain waiting for my bus, a taxi, anything to get me to Vintage Fair 2012.   The rain sleeting down like no tomorrow, splashing up from lucid puddles, mocking me.

Missed the Bus - (click here for larger image)

I'll never get there at this rate.  But don't let that stop you!  Visit the Seraphim blog for full covereage, including Gallery of delicious vintage finds at this year's Vintage Fair 2012, and be sure to take a Map  Vintage Fair 2012: Map and SLURL's

Waiting for the Rain - (click here for larger image)

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits:
[essencial] Dolce Dark Tan Skin - on Classic @ Vintage Fair 2012
Eclectica 'Nouveau Leaves' Jewelry - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
Faster Pussycat - Memsh PencilSkirt, Red - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
GizzA - Elegant Steps Glasses, Belt, Collar, Hat, Stockings, Top - on Retro @ Vintage Fair 2012
Romantic - 40's vintage hairstyle by TuTy's - on CHIC @ Vintage Fair 2012
Poses by CheerNo - @ Vintage Fair 2012
Alex Strap Shoes by G Field
Lashes 6 by .ploom.
Pearl eyes - Poison by Poetic Colors
Location: Rainy City
Model and Photographer: Boudica Destiny

Vintage Fair 2012: Map and SLURL's - - Vintage Fair Flickr Competition

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