Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Dance With Me

Tonight I managed to get happily whisked away to go dancing with a very handsome man. *swoon*

Just a friend, mind you, but oh what a delight to actually spend the evening having fun, listening to music, and dancing the night away.

We couldn't have found a more perfectly dreamy place than the Amorosa Ballroom, and if you're looking for a beautiful experience in a formal fairytale castle, Amorosa is well worth a visit.

I'm wearing Utopia's Frida gown (previously blogged here), and just love how smoothly it flows.  Perfect for a romantic evening out dancing, and you may find your cares floating away as the soft wisps of silk swirl around you. The gown comes with multiple top options and accessories of which I chose only the necklace and gloves.

Jake is wearing the incredible Modern-Black-Open Suit by Lapoint & Bastchild, Radiant Midnight hair by LAQ, LaVie Mark skin: Goatie2 Eyeliner Cut Hairbase, and 380 Outlander Mesh Boots.

My hair is Lelutka Daisy mesh hair (blogged here), and skin is Ludicia in Tan by Filthy that I've blogged before (here), but just couldn't help wearing again.  I really love Filthy skins and the detail and workmanship that went into creating these. Eyes are Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh eyes.

Sometimes it's too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life events and let things drag you down and it's times like tonight I cherish. The beautiful surroundings, great music, and the hand of a friend pulling me onto the dance floor and reminding me it's okay to let go sometimes. Thank you Jake, I had a lovely time.

Boudica Destiny

I'm Wearing:
Frida Gown and Necklace by Utopia
Daisy Mesh Hair by Lelutka
Ludicia Skin - Tan by Filthy
TDR 2 years Pumps Gift - blue
Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes

He's Wearing:
Modern-Black-Open Suit by Lapoint & Bastchild
Radiant Midnight hair by LAQ
LaVie Mark skin: Goatie2 Eyeliner Cut Hairbase
380 Outlander Mesh Boots

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