Monday, October 24, 2011


Utopia... the name conjures thoughts of a world of perfection, timeless beauty and youth. Well that is exactly what I found today when I discovered the beautiful Utopia Mainstore.

I saw a woman wearing an incredible blue gown while out shopping today.. and just *had* to ask her where it was from. It was simply stunning, and the way the fabric draped and moved with her was so lovely. She graciously gave me the LM and I flew fast as I could over to Utopia. Now, Utopia is a new-to-me store, so for those of you that have already heard of it, it will be no news to you the simply stunning quality of the designs, for both men and women. Leaning to formal high fashion gowns, there are also some etheral designs that would lend themselves very well to a fae, elven, or fantasy persona. And men... the suits... to die for! They do wedding attire as well. Please take a bit of your time to go visit this very worthy shop, and I hope you enjoy the designs you find there.
The Frida Gown in Azure wraps itself around you in FIVE lovely top options, all paired with the same silky low back revealing skirt. It has incredible detailing on the shoulder options, and comes with the necklace and tiara shown.

At the landing there is a Halloween ensemble that's just perfect for your next fall party, and guys, yes there is one for you too! Decked with skulls, tophat, and deep rich tones, the "Skully" outfit is perfect for lending an air of mystery to your autumn wardrobe.
And if you look closely, you can also find this free "Which Hat" on the hay bales at the landing point. Love the skully accent!

While there, you can click on the group joiner sign and get this incredible "FirePlayer" outfit for free! And yes.. there is also a very stunning male version!
Mesh and Leather with mask and hood, I can picture slipping silently along the shadows, dagger in hand, poised and ready for mischief...
What mishief you get up to in the "FirePlay" ensemble is up to you, but do hurry over to Utopia and see if you can get a head start on the Halloween mischief making.

Mischievously Yours,

Also Shown:
Sally anniversary gift skin from Al Vulo!
Nadja hair by Maitreya
Serana Hair by Exile

Photos taken at the breathtaking home of my friend Rosemarie Indigo, designer of Banana Banshee and herself an incredible fashion blogger at The Fae, The Faun and the Wardrobe.

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