Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rose Colored Jackets

The new Sugar hair by Tameless is beautiful. I love how it drapes across my eye, framing my face with smooth and silky shine.  As always, Tameless hair comes with color change built in, including highlights, which I love.
I'm wearing G Field Bolero, Lace Shirt, and Alex Strap Shoes, paired with the divine Moto leather pants from Fishy Strawberry, and Tameless piercings and lashes.  Polishing off the look I stopped by the Tropicalia Bazaar II on the Purple Moon sim and found the Ludicia skin by Filthy, Dorothy Cat Eye glasses by Purple Moon, and poses by Art Body Store and Wet Cat. LOVE this skin by Filthy.  The lips are kissable and not overglossed, and the eyes are lovely, with delicate almost petulant brows.
The Cat Eye glasses are really great and are color change in all parts of the frame between brown and orange, with shades of opacity for the lenses to achieve your perfect look.  Another feature with the Sugar hair from Tameless is the braid attachment, which I am wearing here draped over my fabulous Survivor jacket by SEY.  I'm in love with SEY jackets and the only thing that could make them better is if they were Mesh (nudge nudge... ok beg!).  My go-to jacket of the season, it's hard to part me from my red Survivor jacket. Even inside. Next to a roaring fire...

Rose colored jackets are the tune of the day, and here I sweeten the sugary look with the R.icielli Stefani Rose Blazer and the new Chrissie hair by Tameless.  A playful ponytail style, I'm digging the "bangs in my face you just want to reach out and brush them back from my eyes" look.
Tropicalia Bazaar II is home to the Tropicalia Magazine office upstairs, where you can browse past covers of the magazine on the wall, posing hopefully to be scouted out as the next hot star.  Adding some edge to the look, I choose the R.icielli Alexandra leather jacket in (pick me! pick me!) red. Gotta say, these Moto leather pants from Fishy Strawberry are really scrumptious!  And when I'm not using a mesh viewer and licking my divinely crafted Maitreya mesh leather leggings... I'm prancing around in these lovelies.

Now, this jacket looks amazingly like another jacket in my inventory from Stars Fashion Mall (blogged here), and when I looked closer I found that the base sculpts are, in fact, the same, and most likely from a kit.  Some people may shy away from designs made from sculpt kits, but it's the personal touches, the texturing and additional details that a designer adds, like this one from R.icielli that make it stand out as a great design on its own.

Boudi Loves You!


  1. Wonderful!! and i love the shape! Lovely face, looks a bit troubled though, but thats the charm of it <3

  2. Thank you! Yeah she has that worried brow thing going on... which I adore. Mwah! <3