Monday, January 9, 2012

A Lot to be Happy About

It's a great thing to be Happy!  Today there's a lot to be happy about... especially if you're shopping at the {Happy} store.  I had not heard of {Happy}before, but was tugged along to go shopping by one of my dear friends. From the moment we arrived, I felt a breath of fresh air that lifted my spirits, starting with the happily crafted signage over the entrance.

{Happy} carries some delightful things, sure to lift your mood!  I found the lovely blue Flirt shirt with ruffled collar, the Vive cuffed pants, and Argyle tights there.

Take a peek and see if something brings a smile to your heart, like it did mine.  It's a New Year... and hopefully a Happy one... but if things are getting you down, scoot on over and don't worry... Be {Happy}!

Thanks to Leanna Caerndow for the heads up on this delightful shop... it's always a Happy Day shopping with friends <3


I'm wearing:

Flirt Shirt by {Happy}
Vive Grey Pants by {Happy}
Argyle Tights by {Happy}
Jewelry by Dark Mouse
Linn Light Party! Skin by Glam Affair
Daniela Hair by Exile
Riding Boots by Tameless
Sevilla Belt by [ glow ] Studio
Lashes  and Piercings by Tameless
Emerald Doll Eyes by Tameless

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