Monday, January 9, 2012

She Knows It

Stepping through the archway, a brittle crunch of dry grasses and pebbles at her feet, she shakes her long silken tresses back over her shoulder, surveying the land.
Introducing Shena. The latest complete avatar set from Tameless, by the ultra-talented designer Nita Bracken.
Alerted by the scent of leather and the faint clink of her smoked silver bangles and jewelry jingling with every step she takes, all eyes turn as she arrives... some with longing, some with loathing.
You want to kiss her... you want to punch her... You can't decide which.
And Shena knows it. She's thinking the same about you, and she's ready...

The question is.. Are you ready for her?
Gather your forces and track Shena down on the Tameless blog, or on Marketplace.

If you're not ready for a full avatar makeover, you can find the beautiful Shena Hair alone, in 28 colors and streak options.
I think I'll go red.... 

Till next time.... Mwah!
Boudi Loves You!

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