Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alexohol Dreams

I'm basking in the winter light that slants through my windows, trying on the lovely clothes from the very talented and generous AlexandraM Guisse of Alexohol.  What shall I wear today....
I slip lithely into the Dreamy Winter Sweater, and Class Act Dress Pants, topping them off with my Roce Lace Jewelry and Alex Strap Shoes from G Field.  Mmmm very nice!

If you haven't been to Alexohol yet, be sure to drop by.  She has everything from casual to classic to couture in a wide selection of styles and all carefully crafted of the highest quality pixels.

The Vanity Affair dress in Navy suits my introspective mood. Classy, elegant.... (just like me! haha!)

Wandering down to the dock I breathe some fresh air, stretch and strut around in the sleek MESH pencil skirt from Alexohol, which fit me perfectly without having to alter my shape. A shrill whistle pierces the air as a speedboat races by.

Feeling a bit flustered by the dock encounter, I slip back up the stairs and into the Hot Cider Sweater and Flirtini Skirt.  Mmmm... wonder if he would have stopped his boat instead of just whistled if he had seen me in this!

Ah but the Dreamy Winter Sweater... I loved the feel of that neckline and the way it draped gently across my shoulders...  And I adore the fluffy poufs of the Flirtini Skirt.

With a quick flick of the wrist, and a wry smile, the clothes fly from the closet onto my skin in a flutter of fabric. Delighted, I prance about in this incredibly fun and flirty "Party Girl Dress".  I love the flounce of the skirt!  I'm ready to dance!
It took a little work.. but with the help of shops like Alexohol, I'm all set for the party!  Thank you Alexandra... and Mwah!

Boudi loves you!

Style Credits:
All Clothing - described as shown, by AlexandraM Guisse of Alexohol

Also Worn:
Skin - Selena Pale by Lara Hurley
Hair - Evi by Maitreya
Jewelry - Rose Lace Set by G Field
Shoes - Alex Strap Shoes by G Field
Eyes - Sunset eyes by Fashism

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