Sunday, January 1, 2012

Soul of Angel Milk

Dreams my Love, like ancient raindrops
Falling through my tattered heart,

Weave the fallen embers

Where the phoenix had his start.

I knew once an angel,
Felt you in my tears...
Wash away my deepest sorrow,
Wash away my fears.

Oh the doves are crying now,
The sky has fallen down.
My love I couldn't save you,
Didn't see you falling down.

Every morning sun is rising,
In the shadows of my heart.
Every day sweet love, I feel you...
There's an angel in my heart.

Waxing poetic today in the lovely Stella cocktail dress by G Field complete with matching hair adornment.  I admit, I went a bit crazy at the G Field Red and White sale, with 50% off on all items of those colors found in the store.  But when I saw the Rose Lace Jewelry, also at G Field... sale or not... I had to have it!  My shopping partner was a bit aghast at my shopping flurry and quoted me as being "high as a kite".  Perhaps she's right... you can get high on shopping right? I certainly was!

The skin... a truly beautiful and generous gift from Al Vulo, Nana in soul of angel milk.  I love the feathery detailing over the eye. Join the Al Vulo group and hurry over to find this latest group gift.

While searching for the perfect place to highlight the dreamlike qualities of this look, I stumbled on a landmark to "Arctica Dreams", an art installation by artist Rebeca Bashly running until January 11th. Hope you enjoy! Take some time to visit this breathtaking exhibition and help support art in virtual worlds.

Happy New Year!
Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
Stella Cocktail Dress and headpiece by G Field
Skin: Al Vulo - [Nana] [soul of angel milk] (group gift!)
Hair: Pulse by Exile (holiday group gift)
Rose Lace Jewelry set by G Field
Shoes: Alex strap shoes by G Field
Poses: .synt. 

Lashes: Lelutka
Location: Arctica Dreams Art Installation by Rebeca Bashly


  1. Try as I may I cannot seem to get rid of the highlighted formatting to the text. Apologies for the distraction.

    Peace... Bou

  2. wonderful pictures!!! hugss //Mera

  3. Graphic card envy...I haz it.
    I love the hair!

  4. Thank you! All the pics taken here are straight out of SL, with no retouching other than to crop. I'm using an Nvidia GeForce 9800 card. Sometimes it's not the graphic card though, but the place you take the pics in. Arctica Dreams was sculpted out of glowing ice and really made for a dramatic backdrop for these shots. Glad you like the hair! Exile is one of my favorites <3