Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I Feel When I'm Without You

This gorgeously curvaceous mesh corset by Lily Bird found at the Chic2 event was the beginning of a love affair, rediscovering my absolute love of all things G Field.  Lending itself so sweetly to the G Field Mesh Frill Shorts, then layered over the Rose Lace Leggings and Sandals, also by G Field. Jewelry is the Oubliette Abalone set by Chop Zuey, which is incredibly crafted.

While the corset mesmerizes me with the finely buttoned and ribboned fittings (and really awesome shading), alas, as is often a downfall with mesh designs, the alpha was completely showing along the bustline.  A friend of mine offered to make me a custom alpha to wear under it, but guys, if you're going to go through the effort of designing such beautiful and carefully crafted meshes, please do take a few minutes more to assure that the alpha underlayers are better fitting and tucked in a bit from the edge of where the mesh ends, so it doesn't show so obviously.  You'll have so many more happy return customers!  Aside from the minor alpha distress, I absolutely LOVE this corset by Lily Bird and will have to go back to get it in some of the other colors as well!

Mesh hairstyling is by the ever talented Wasabi Pills, showing the braided Anais 2 style found at Chic2, and this beautiful skin is the Grace in Toffee by [ Atomic ] for the Chic2 Birthday event, which runs until June 24th.

Happy Birthday Chic!
Boudi Loves You

Style Credits:
Anais 2 (Mesh) Hair by Wasabi Pills at Chic 2
[Atomic] Skin_Grace_Toffee - Chic2
(Mesh) Corset by Lily Bird at Chic2
*GF* (Mesh) Frill Shorts by G Field
*GF* Rose Lace Leggings by G Field
*GF* Wedge Tong Sandal "Sunny" by G Field
Oubliette Abalone Jewelry by Chop Zuey

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