Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Want to Get Away...

Sometimes you just have to get away...

When I slipped into the Maua mesh bikini by Baiastice, after I picked my jaw up from the floor, the first thing I had to do was hit the beach!

Luckily I had a friend who was dying to hit the surf as well, sporting his INDI Cargo pants and sandals by SEY.

Are you tired of wearing painted on bikinis that leave a little realism to be desired?  The Maua bikini by Baiastice fits like a dream, after a slight bit of body adjusting.  Shown here in the extra-small, I had only a few minor tweaks to get my body into beach shape.

We found a great little beach at the .::What?::. Surf & Simboard Park on Opelessence where, after joining the local group, we were able to use the surfboards and get ready to hit the waves.

Jake slipped into a great pair of mesh board shorts by CutShore on the marketplace, and then we were out into the waves hangin' ten, wiping out, and pretty much laughing our asses off.  It was a blast!

Surfing and taking photographs at the same time are not my forte, especially with my slow connection, so you'll just have to settle for the more peaceful reflections of a great time spent out on the water, becoming one with the wild waves.

After splashing and frolicking in the waves, we needed a bit of drying off and went wandering the boardwalks, exploring all the sites at this great little getaway resort.

Sneaking in a dance or two here and there along the way... and savoring the last bits of sunset as muted hues washed across the shoreline.

This dreamy resort has many beach huts and cozy appointments to let you kick back and rest, lulled by the whispering surf just steps away.

But even when the sun goes down, the sea is there, calling... echoing in your dreams. And in a virtual world, the surf is always up, waiting for your next adventure!  Are you going to get away?

Surfs Up!

Style Credits:

On Her:
Maua Mesh Bikini by Baiastice
*GF* Wedge Tong Sandal "Sunny" by G Field
Oubliette Abalone Jewelry by Chop Zuey
[Atomic] Skin_Grace_Toffee - Chic2
Dragon Mesh hair by Wasabi Pills

On Him:
Radiant Midnight hair - LAQ
Cargo pants by INDI
Nano surfer grey board shorts by CutShore
LaVie Mark skin


  1. Huh, Jake is Shiloh's 2 year boyfriend and world. Although this is supposed to be a fashion blog, it certainly seems like its showing off moreso as a relationship. How does Shiloh feel about this??

  2. Both Jake and Shiloh are friends of mine and have been for over a year and a half. As anyone who knows me, both my avatar, and the very real person behind it, I don't do relationships in virtual worlds, other than fun and good times with friends, shopping, a dance here or there and adventuring. I'm quite happy and contented with my very busy life, work, and fabulous real life boyfriend of over two years.

    When I take what little time out of my busy life to enjoy virtual worlds, when I'm not creating, it is to get away, to shop, to blog about things I find shopping, to find beautiful places, to adventure, when I can be pulled away from working. To have FUN. That is what you see here, a fun adventure in a beautiful place, inspired by that incredible Mesh bikini by Baiastice, and I dare anyone to buy one and not feel swept away to the beach. They're truly fabulous. The thing with fashion blogs is they can become very boring and predictable, with a single person in a skybox taking pictures of one outfit after another like a dress up doll. And just like in real life, I enjoy changing it up from time to time.

    As anyone who knows Jake and Shiloh - and the people behind them - there is no one that could come between them and they have been practically inseperable for the year and a half that I have known them. They have both been friends of mine through thick and thin, up and down times, and I cherish them both dearly.