Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Petite View - Designer Looks: Claudia Dryke

The Petites are here! About 1/3 the size of a normal avatar, or the size of your boot, the Petite avatars have been taking the grid by storm.  While mostly catering to the fae and elven looks, there are some that have taken the Petite craze to a whole new level.  One of those people is Claudia Dryke, who I met today while shopping for my own Petite.

Claudia Dryke is the fabulously stylish petite you see here, and an accomplished designer and very nice person who offered to walk me around and help me understand more about how the Petites and mesh avatars work.  In this picture she is wearing the Royale Petite avatar by Fallen Gods (found in the Petite Kingdom mall area). She has modified her own clothing designs and accessories to fit.  I love her look!  You can find her clothes for full sized avatars in her shop, and she also made the shoes and glasses, but I don't know if she has them available for Petite avatars yet.  Definitely one to watch!  Be sure to check out her shop Athor on Marketplace, her blog, and her youtube channel where you can see highlights of her other great designs.

Petit Kisses... Muah!
Boudica Destiny

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