Monday, May 14, 2012

Double Trouble

I knew I was in trouble when I walked into The Dressing Room today.  Not only were there a lot of must have designs, skin, hair, jewelry... but there was mesh too.  Oh and check out this skin!

The gorgeous male Andrej skin by Tableau Vivant beckoned to me from across the room, and I thought.... hell with that I'm wearin it, even if it's boy skin!  Love it, and such kissable lips!  Guyliner FTW! Male or female this skin has it going on.

Always managing to get myself into some technical difficulty trouble one way or the other, today's trouble was with getting my viewer to show shadows. Try as I might, I wasn't able to both have shadows, and show all the mesh I was wearing, often having either my top or skirt disappear, as well as dark streaks show up in my hair.  That was no good... so I threw my hands up in dispair and said... Mesh wins... I'll Photoshop (well GIMP) my own shadows in.  I was in a bit of a hurry so there are jagged edges where I didn't erase the outline of my avatar close enough, but good enough for the feel of the look I wanted, at first glance.

While I was striking a pose, or three, a flood of fantastic mesh skirts from Alexehol arrived at my doorstep.  Wow thanks... these are fab!!  And they just happened to look perfect with the look I was trying to accomplish.

Shown here in two designs of two colors each, all MESH skirts from the new and improved Alexohol! As seen on their blog after a bit of a break, Alexehol is back and kickin' it big time on the Jamaica sim! Welcome back!  Don't know about you, but I'm loving the music streaming on that blog.  Might just have to go back often to get my Alexehol fix!

The double bubble part of this little escapade happened when a friend tossed me a pipe he had just finished making.  I had such a blast posing with it while I did my photoshoot, I decided to keep it on and share it with you!  You can find the Double Bubble Scripted Pipe from [FE] on the Marketplace, and there's also this nifty little YouTube video about it. Though, I think it looks better on me, don't you?

Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
MichaMi Call Me Top - Mesh (TDR)
Violetta Hair by Exile (for The Dressing Room)
Andrej Serpent Skin by Tableau Vivant (TDR)
Hoop Slice Jewelry by Glow Studio (TDR)
Madame Bangles by Glow Studio (TDR/SoC)
All Skirts Shown are MESH by Alexohol
Alex Strap shoes by G Field
Sunrise Eyes by IKON/Fashism
Double Bubble Pipe by [FE] on Marketplace
Poses by Del May

Heads up on The Dressing Room teleport link.  There are *two* Dressing Rooms and I get stuff from both locations every time.  There is a TP board in each shop that takes you over to the other location.  So if you're looking for something that's not in that shop, be sure to hit the TP and go check out the other location. Happy Shopping!


  1. oh great psp work! and i love ur poses. The skin is fab!! Love the skirts! ARGGGH! U always tricks me to shop :O)

  2. Thank you!! Hahaha... good! My tricksy plan is working! Have fun shopping =)