Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bottle that up!

I took my sweet time over the past week trying to choose a Petite of my very own, and finally narrowed it down to the lovely Al Vulo petite.  Hiln Bluebird did an amazing job crafting the look and feel of her petite.  She wasn't too sugary sweet, and not too serious looking. I love her!  There are some really great options out there though, from Yabusaka, Fallen Gods, Mynerva, The Plastik, Skinthesis, and more coming so be sure to shop around and try on the demos to get the one right on you.  You can find most of these at the Petites Kingdom mall, and there are many clothing options and accessories to get your Petite geared up and off to a good start.

For those that don't know about the Petites, they are 1/3 the size of a normal avatar and are mesh. Clothing is being resized and customized by many great designers out there, and comes on mesh layers that are worn as attachments. You can wear prims as well as use a normal ao, poses and animations.

Also, many existing hair designs will shrink down to the right size for a Petite... not all, but enough to have fun trying on what you've already got in your closet.  Pretty much, it's just like a regular you... only much much smaller!

While there is a strong leaning towards fairy and fantasy clothing for Petites, because they're so small it's one of the first things people think of, I was surprised to see a great selection of more modern and mainstream looks for them as well.

After filling up my shopping bags, trying on a bunch of clothes and giving up on the shoes (couldn't get the alphas for any of my boots to work), I strapped everything into the saddlebags of my glistening new mount and took to the skies for the journey back home.  That's right... I'm small enough to fly on the back of a Raven!  I love him... I think I'll call him Edgar.  There are some fabulous mounts for Petites, but I really liked the ones by Steam Powered Nut.  Might have to go back for the owl.. he was cool too.. and the steampunk dragon.. and the horse.

On my way back home, I swooped in to my friend Mera's stable nearby to admire her lovely horses.  I felt so tiny as I climbed upon the giant blonde stud's back, and up his neck.  He didn't seem to notice, or maybe thought I was just a horsefly as he swooshed his tail nonchalantly in the still evening air.

When I finally made it back home to my little house on the mainland, it felt postively HUGE!  I could squeeze under the crack of my door and slip along the lengthening shadows, hardly drawing any attention to myself. The bed was a welcome sight, and I made a beeline for it, dropping packages and bags to be sorted through the next day. And hey, another bonus... no need to fight over the blankets when you're smaller than the pillow, though a pillowfight could prove to be a deadly proposition.

I was so tired from all day shopping  and trying on demos and choosing what to wear that I fell straight asleep when my head hit the mattress.  Hope someone remembered to let the cat out...

Petite Dreams....
Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
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Le Mouse - Princess Ballgown (comes with hair! - found on Marketplace)
Wasabi Pills/ Orion Petite Mesh Hair 
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Steam Powered Nuts [spn] Raven Mount + Companion Pet 

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