Monday, June 1, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty!

June 1st marks the first day of the "Look What the Cat Brought" hunt. Having a blast exploring all the great shops on this hunt, making friends along the way and finding some neat places to come back to. Here are a few outfits from the hunt, with more to come! Make sure you bring along plenty of milk and cat toys to lure the kitties into showing you where they have hid their treasures! Mreow?

I call this one "Saturnalia Raven". It combines gifts from three of the shops that I have visited so far. The lovely silk top and corset are from the "Saturnalia" gown at Aria's Dream in Vanity Fayre. The jeans are a find from Deviance and are aptly named "Kitty Stampede" and come in four colors (black shown here), and the uber-awesome accessories set is the "Raveness" set from Phoenix & Firefall. And guys they also have this set for men called "Raven" and it's free during this hunt. The prim-work on the belt is amazing, with the raven feather touches throughout.

Two more finds in the "Look What the Cat Brought" hunt. Here are the Aria's Dream finds. Saturnalia in Red is a must have! This one made me feel like a gypsy princess so I paired it with the "Drifter" hair from Foam! The other incredible (and free... omg run get on this hunt!) gown is the Dolce in Sugarblue. I am waiting for my coach to arrive to sweep me off to the ball. Cinderella shall be so jealous! Wearing Dolce with the free Berri hair in Golden from Truth.

Skin: Tuli - Hope - Group Gift
Eyes: Miriel

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