Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fotos by Felicity Studio Tour

Mmm, can I have this one?! Just a reminder, fashion tends to be a female dominated passtime in Second Life, but our guys want to look great too. Consider scheduling a photo session for your favorite guy or that special man in your life. You may never look at him the same again. *winks*

Tour the fotos by Felicity Gallery and Studio at slurl.com/secondlife/Burbuja/26/198/23 and discover a one of a kind elite solution for all your photographic needs.

The building itself, textures, and lighting were created by our very own Felicity Winslet, who is available for custom building. Simply a must see for the building alone, the pricing on photographic options is less than you might expect for quality of this caliber. Whether for your very first profile portrait, a new makeover look, a gift for that special someone, product images or logo and corporate identity graphics package, or to update your modeling porfolio, fotos by Felicity can help you.

Visit the front desk or the info display in the Studio upstairs for the Studio and Pricing information list, then contact Photographer Felicity Winslet to schedule your next session. See what a difference can be made with the careful eye and hands of a photographic artist.

Welcome to fotos by Felicity. To the side on the shelves are some freebies you might enjoy. More will be coming soon.

Be sure to touch the info cards for information on studio pricing and landmark.

Relaxing in the Atrium at the fotos by Felicity Gallery and Studio.

Some examples of the photographic artistry of Felicity Winslet. Schedule your next sitting before the books fill up. Contact myself (Boudica Destiny) or Felicity Winslet to arrange your session.

Hmmm.. I wonder what this button does. Let's leave the photography to the pros, and the most capable hands of Felicity Winslet.

Comfortable seating inside the fotos by Felicity Studio. I wonder if your picture will be highlighted up on her walls next?

Felicity's office at the fotos by Felicity studio. Wonderful charm and careful thought went into every detail of her building, down to the screensaver on her computer. Please do take a visit and make yourself at home exploring the beauty of this one of a kind studio.

- One photo: 300 L
- Three photos: 600 L
- Five photos: 900 L (Best value)


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