Monday, July 16, 2012

Sirens of the Sea

The perfect music for this set... please have a listen, and enjoy!  Oceanlab - Sirens of the Sea

Take my hand, take my hand, yeah take my hand
Follow me, follow me, yeah let's go
To the sand, to the sand the purest sand
Into the sea, into the sea, yeah let's go...

Out beyond the water's edge
Far across the coral ledge
Underneath the diamond dancing lights...

Chase the world from far below
Silent sleeping indigo
Drifting down into the endless night...

I can not resist your call... 

Today I wanted to just log in quick and share a few things, but I got swept away in the moment.  It's something that Sea and Sky and Sand always do to me... even in a virtual world.  

Sending a big thank you out to Strawberry Singh for her PicMonkey tip, without which these pictures wouldn't have nearly as much awesomesauce.  Wow what a big difference a few clicks can make!  Thank you Strawberry!

I'm wearing the alluringly simple Whitehaven Beach Dress by Kyoot, found at Collabor88.  It's such a lovely dress and is partial mesh, so that means it only has the skirt area in mesh, which is really great!  No invisible underside, and no worrying if my shape will fit the dress.  A perfect blending of two worlds.

I must admit, while at Collabor88 this go around, there were so many fabulous things, I bought the place out.  Sadly, I don't have time to blog them all today because I'm packing for a week of vacation in my own personal paradise! Also shown here from Collabor88, the Shells & Pearls set by Earthstones. Answering the call of glowing beachy skin, this new Group Gift from MyDear was just the thing I needed to feel ready to hit the sands.  

This sea inspired look was perfectly complimented by the new Sea of Love mesh hair by Exile, found right now at the Hair Fair.  Yes ladies... it really is worth the lag!  I couldn't get to his booth on Hair Fair - Sand, so I started waaaaay at the other end in Hair Fair - Garden and slogged my way there, barefoot and bald, pounding on three full sim border crossings before I was granted entrance.  It took me a half hour, but I wanted this hair so bad.... it's so utterly perfect!

You feel it... I know you do... the Sea is Calling... Calling You......

Ocean Kisses,

Style Credits
Whitehaven Beach Dress (Partial Mesh) - Kyoot at Collabor88
Shells & Pearls Earrings and Necklace - Earthstones at Collabor88
Sea of Love Mesh Hair - Exile at Hair Fair
MyDear Group Gift Beach Skin - Cain
Photoshoot II Lashes by Lelutka
Photo-Editing Tool - PicMonkey
Pearl Eyes - Poetic Colors

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