Friday, June 29, 2012

Deux for You

It's been a long week and I'm dying for a party to go to this Friday!  Alexohol has this fun little mesh dress called Party Gras, shown here in red and black with silvery sequins.  I love Alexohol and I love that they are making some fabulous mesh things now!

On another note, while I'm a huge fan of Mesh and love this dress from Alexohol on the outside, I'm not sure yet how I feel about dresses that leave the body invisible underneath.  Kicking up my heels at a party might be a less than photogenic opportunity, but it's a great dress for more static poses. 

Wearing the dress alpha leaves your body under the dress completely invisible, so if you were to, look up my skirt for instance, you'd see hollow all the way up into my floating eyeballs and hair.  Kinda disconcerting... Not that anyone would be looking up my skirt, right?  I know I have a few dresses where the designers created a mesh bottom to them higher up inside the skirt, that both hides the alpha problem and looks a little more normal.  Hopefully more designers will start making skirts and shorts with this thought in mind.  As Avatars, we don't want to look like just hollow pixels.  Part of the joy of Mesh is that it can achieve a higher state of realism... which is then ruined by the alpha hollow person syndrome beneath if anyone looks a little closer.

My love affair for Mesh brought me back to LeLutka today, where I found this gorgeous Jolie Mesh hair.  It's a style that I wear in real life more, and a pretty close match to my own length and color.  As mesh moves with your body, it's the perfect style for dancing, since it won't poke through your body at odd angles, or stick out stiffly when you move.  All that would make it better is a bit of flex here and there, just a few tendrils of movement, but this style is so well crafted it gives the illusion of movement, and I really am delighted with it.


Style Credits:
Party Gras Dress - Alexohol
Jolie Mesh Hair - LeLutka
Alex Strap Shoes - G Field
Ear Chains - Tameless
Rings of Silver Necklace - Elemental
Deep Sky Mesh Eyes - Mayfly
Melissa Skin - Belleza

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