Sunday, November 6, 2011

Newbie Style Challenge Too!

I heard about the Newbie Style Challenge on Shayariel's blog and though, why not! I love a good challenge...

The idea is to create a new look, with a small budget of under $550L (approx $2.50US). In my case I spent only 1L, but what Gogo suggests we don't stick with only free items. I think I'll take her up on that and do a few more looks. Read more about the Newbie Style Challenge II on the Juicy Bomb blog.

On the Juicy Bomb blog, you can also find a special link to a site that still lets you register new SL avatars with a last name!! The list of possible last names is short, but for people who like to express themselves in a more individual way, it sure beats being lumped in the "Resident" surname.

First on my mind, when I landed as a newbie avatar, was ... Get me an AO fast!! I remembered that Amacci had a great starter AO for newbie avatars under 14 days old and rushed over to find it in the Poses and AO's section. At Amacci, I was also delighted to find they had a beautiful group gift skin, and eyes, and hair... all for free!

If I were helping a new avatar find a nice look fast, Amacci would be one of the first places I would go to. The other place I go is the fashion blogs. Searching around through my RSS reader, I did a search for "shape" and found this great little shape at ANATOMY available right now in The Mushroom Hunt.

While at ANATOMY I noticed there were a bunch of signs for other groups and current hunts and so I joined a few of these groups. From those, I started getting group notices about other free items, and saw one come across from Sascha Frangilli about her beautiful Bella Azure Gown, which is currently on the Marketplace as a Promo for only 1L.

Another favorite stop was the game room at Sn@tch. Here I was lucky enough to be able to get the Pavo Peacock Earrings, the Rough Rider Boots, and the Brocade Dress (it comes in a 4 color pack) all for free!

While trying on various outfits, another group notice came out for some freebie items and a sale at Ironik Kitties. Here I found the Zakeria pink leopard print dress, and the Orlenna outfit that I borrowed the purple fur from.

I really enjoyed this challenge and the chance to visit some new places like Ironik Kitties that I had not heard of before. Sometimes life leads us down a path and we just have to jump in and see where it goes! It my case, I was excited to find a way to make a new avatar with a last name! That alone was priceless to me...

If you feel the urge, go try your hand at the Newbie Style Challenge II and be sure to add your photo's to Gogo's Blog Challenge Flickr group. Love to see what you come up with!


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