Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Carriage Trade

Some friends lured me away from work and took me exploring today, to a roleplay sim called Carriage Trade.  Thank you Leanna, Mera, and ArtWolf!

If you're in the mood for a Victorian/Edwardian Equestrian village, this is just the place. At the landing point you can find a free Edwardian gown and hat by Debutante, and there is even an outfit for men.

Wearing our visitor tags, we met Ivy Myst, and Moonsorrow Magic, our two guides, who led us on a lovely carriage ride tour.

Carriage Trade is home to many Equine avatars, and Ivy informs me there are other animals as well as some humans. They hold many weekly events, races, and foxhunts, though no animals are ever harmed of course. It's all in good fun.

Go take a trip over to Carriage Trade for some delightful vintage shopping and experience a new community of friendly and very helpful roleplayers.

Enchantedly Yours...

I'm wearing:
Edwardian Gown and Hat by Debutante (Free at the Carriage Trade landing area)
Ginerva "Winter" Skin by YS&YS (This week's edition at The Dressing Room)
Glam Eyes Grey by YS&YS (in box with Ginerva Skin at The Dressing Room)
Secret Eyes Lashes by [ glow ] (Rhapsody set from The Dressing Room)
Tatum Hair by Fri.day
BRIGITTE Earrings by R.icielli

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