Thursday, December 16, 2010


As Talia Fournier of Paparazzi says, "Ethereal came from the desire to create a natural, minimal makeup skin with an angelic glow." She succeeded!  I just love the sweet kissable pouty lips, don't you?

Run, do not walk, do not pass go... run to Paparazzi at your favorite outlet in InWorldz to find this enchanting new skin.  It is currently available in only the Caramel skin tone shown here, in both natural and freckled versions, and eight beautiful makeup layers.  The skins are beautiful alone as a base skin including two skins, freckled and non-freckled for 500I'z.  

Each makeup layer is 75I'z, or you can buy a fat pack of the makeup for only 575I'z for all eight (base skin purchase is separate).  So a little quick math puts us at only 1075I'z for all sixteen combination options.  Far less than you would pay for a single skin at some places.  

Ethereal - Caramel - Natural and Freckled skins by .::Paparazzi::.

Ethereal Base Skin

Ethereal Base Skin - Freckled

Candy - Dress Up Makeup

Candy - Mystique Makeup

Candy - Night Owl Makeup

Candy - Saavy Makeup

DRAMA - Dress Up Makeup

DRAMA - Mystique Makeup

DRAMA - Night Owl Makeup

DRAMA - Saavy Makeup

Be Beautiful - Be Ethereal....  Be... Paparazzi!  Mwah!


Skin - Ethereal - Caramel skin tone by Paparazzi
Shirt - Sweetheart T-shirt by Paparazzi
Hair - Juliet by Emo-tions
Eyes - Softest Sea by Glamour Eyes

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