Thursday, November 18, 2010

Falling for Stellar

Falling for a new-to-me store called Stellar, here InWorldz. Love the quality!

I was searching for a sweater to wear to the winter lodge at Equinox when Whiskey Day suggested a few shops to go try. When I found this snuggly knit dress "Timeless" I just had to have it.. and the nearby Kenai boots. LOVE!!!

Sweater: Timeless Knit Dress by Stellar
Boots: Kenai by Stellar
Hair: Patrice by Deviant Designs
Skin: Wheat M5 by Pulse

FIND ALL OF THESE STYLES in the new virtual world called INWORLDZ


  1. /me grins. Hope you liked it! They have some neat new chuck type shoes that they just put out. Good place to go back to and see what else is new.