Friday, July 10, 2009

Rogue Hummingbirds and a Dream from Aria's

It was one of those perfect days, you know the kind. Drowsy summer sun filtering through the last drifts of ocean mist, warming the flowers to sweet perfection. Ah the intoxicating fragrance of blossoms as the dew drops warm with the brightening sun. Birds chattering in the treetops, bees buzzing busily about their work... and the humming bird brigade out in full force, whizzing, buzzing, flitting... whomp! Dive bombing?!

That's right folks, the next time you venture to the incredibly beautiful "Wanderstill" sim, please please for the love of nature... bring some hummingbird repellant. I don't know if they were just particularly fond of the new Llyra gowns from Aria's Dream I was wearing, or the gorgeously coppery Maitreya Moon hair that teases so delightfully around my face in breezy whips, but the darn buggers just wouldn't leave me alone, and these guys pack a punch! I'm standing there for these photos... being pushed and bullied about by the most definitely strong hummingbirds I've ever met within the virtual worlds of Second Life.

Perhaps they were only trying to help nudge me into the perfect position for the camera, or perhaps they enjoyed watching me physically flip in the air as they buzzed around laughing. I may never know. Fair warning though, if you should, you know, go there.

Oh yeah, gowns.. Llyra, Aria's Dream. I meant to blog these a week ago when they were having the red, white, and blue sale for only 100L each but I got a little tied up. Sorry! These are absolutely gorgeous though, and so twirlably floaty and dreamy. Please do yourself the favor and visit the Dream to choose your favorite of eight colors. Oh and they come in either silver or gold gilt leaf embroidery on a perfectly shaded bodice suited for only the fairest of princesses. Yeah, that's me.. the Hummingbird Princess. Oy Vey, I'm gonna need an aspirin after this one.

Gowns: Llyra - Aria's Dream
Hair: Moon in Copper - Maitreya
Skin: Rachael Pael - Lara Skins
Eyes: Expressive Green 2 - Soul
Lashes: Photoshoot II - Lelutka
Poses: LAP - Long Awkward Pose
Location: Wanderstill

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