Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Daphne - More Simply Fae Magic

Simply Fae has surpassed the bounds of magic again... with the versatile Daphne gown set. Shown here is the Limited Edition in Deep red and black. The belt is amazing with sculpted black roses and leaves, and also sculpted leaves on the armbands of the sleeves. Delightful and sure to please.... this one will go fast so hurry on over to Simply Fae! Special on this is 300L for the first 10 sold, then 400L for the next 20 sold. After 200 are sold, there will be no more *sobs* so please do yourself the favor and get this lovely gown before it's too late. Shown here in two pics with 4 totally wonderful flowy skirt options, and long or short sleeve options.

But that is not the end our Simply Fae magic! Hurry ladies and put on your Simply Fae group tag to get this wonderful June Gift! An adaptation of the elegant Daphne gown, the June Gift has a new sleeve design and is offered in white with lovely lavender highlights, and black trim and accents. While standing there for this picture, I was asked by 2 dashing young gentlemen if I would go dancing with them after the shoot. Now... if I had known I all I needed to get a dance partner was to wear a Simply Fae gown, I would have done that before! Boaz works magic.... come feel it and get your own Group Only edition of the Daphne gown.

While oooohing and aahhing over these gowns in the Simply Fae Shop, the owner and I were chatting and she dropped a pre-release of the Daphne gown on me. Wow! This is the Daphne in the red and sage coloring and you just *have* to see the detail work on this. From the sculpted rose belt and sleeves, to the intricately designed bodice. This is my new favorite from Simply Fae. Boaz Sands just keeps getting better and as her tag-line goes "May Your Dreams Fly on Wings". Mine sure are!

Hair: Drifter by Foam!
Skin: Hope Tuli Group Gift
Poses: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Wanderstill

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